If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!


“I wanted to tell you all thank you for just being you. You all have such high customer service standards that I feel I should say you all set an example for us all. The clippings from papers, the birthday cards, and mailing the no cavity pictures, etc., make a statement about the facility you all operate."

"I honestly have never been so impressed with the professionalism offered to me in any service I have received anywhere. I know you all probably feel privileged to have such a blessed business. But it is my privilege to be your patient, and that I shall always be.” – Laura G.

“Recently, my seven-year-old granddaughter had a bike wreck. She took a real blow to her mouth. My daughter, her mom, immediately called your office. It was nearly closing, but she was told to bring Alyssa in immediately. Grandpa and I arrived at the clinic a few minutes before the patient."

"My granddaughter walked in to the clinic and was escorted into an exam room. She was traumatized. The tender care and concern she received did much to calm her. After a thorough exam carefully conducted, a decision was made to extract the two baby teeth involved in a couple of days."

"In the grand scheme of things her injuries were indeed modest. However, she was treated with such love and respect I could only surmise that same care would be available for a major injury. Thank you Ellis & Walters for the Christian way you care for us.” – Linda P.

“I have been using your office since I was 15 years old. Dr. Ellis was the first dentist I had ever used. I have now been using your office for 23 years. I have always been very pleased with the service and personal attention I always receive."

"I have always been impressed that the dentists take time to call and check on my family and me when we have been to the dentist. I appreciate the fact they care. I have talked around the office where I work and I am the only one that has a dentist to follow up with a phone call just to make sure I am okay. I recently had an abscessed tooth and the office personnel were all so kind and cared I was in pain. Dr. Walters did everything he could do to make my pain better if I called; they always said come and let us check it."

"I have never been so impressed that I dentist and his employers cared that I had a problem and worked hard to help me not be in pain. I am proud that there is still personal attention placed in the care of patients."

"Melanie also used Ellis & Walters. Melanie is always apprehensive about going to the dentist but Jenny, Robin and all the staff make sure she relaxes and make her comfortable. Dr. Walters is always very nice and she really likes all the staff. Daniel started using Ellis and Walters after we were married because I used them and he is glad he changed his dentist. My family and I just want to say thanks to everyone at your office for all you do for us!” – Beth T.

“I am 75 years old and have attended several clinics, which I always dreaded as many people do. When the door closed behind me at Ellis & Walters Dental Care, I was treated like royalty, like I was the only one that mattered."

"I commend all of you for your outstanding service, second to none. I have told many people of your service and I will continue to do so. It relieves me to know I have your services when I need them.” – Ralph S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Ellis for many years. I have had the opportunity to meet and learn to appreciate all of his office staff. All of them are winners!"

"Because of diabetes, I developed periodontal disease. Dr. Ellis and his staff have treated me for this problem and eventually referred me to a periodontal specialist for surgery. I continue to see Dr. Ellis for periodontal checkups and all of my other dental needs. I would recommend this group of professionals to anyone who wants to be treated with kindness, integrity, and devotion. Plus, they feed their squirrels regularly!” – Jean P.

“When faced with an unpleasant situation, people often joke about it by saying "I'd rather have a root canal."  Well, when I needed a root canal, I found the experience easy to bear thanks to the modern technology employed by you."

"When it comes to routine dental care, you are the best!  I'm always treated to a big bright smile throughout the office and I really do look forward to the experience. Thanks for your professional and friendly approach to the art of dentistry.” – Mickey R.

“Every time Freddie comes home from a visit to your office, he just shakes his head and marvels. He sounds like a broken record. I hear the same words as if he's never told me before. He's as much in awe as the first time he went there. And what do I say in return? "I know, I know. You see, for the nearly 30 years that we've been coming to your clinic, nothing's changed.  From the first time we came to you, we've been treated like family by every single member of your staff."

"One reason we feel like we are part of your family is that your entire staff treat each other like family. There's such a sense of unity, kindness, calmness, respect, and sincerity along with absolute professionalism. That is why we've sent so many of our family and friends to you and they have remained. They can't get over how they are made to feel by all of you: calm, confident, and comfortable. And like us, they feel safe and cared for during treatment and then afterward when the doctor himself calls that evening to be sure they are all right."

"There's not enough room in this letter to explain how your care has transformed a man whose teeth were in an absolute mess because he wouldn't go to a dentist and a woman who was petrified of going, simply because of their childhood dental experiences. Or, how in amazement they've witnessed their daughter from the age of four always look forward to going to her dentist.” – Freddie & Jan M.