Meet Dr. Dorothy Stancill

Dorothy Elizabeth Stancill is a Laurel native who recently graduated from the University of Mississippi Medical Center with a DMD (Dental Doctor of Medicine) degree.

In the class of May 2017, she received special recognition for Excellence in Prosthodontics from the Southeastern Academy of Prosthodontics and the presentation of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Dental Implant Student Award for the outstanding achievements and performance related to the placement of dental implants.

She is the daughter of Dr. Hugh and Carolyn Ruth Stancill, also of Laurel. Her father, Dr. Hugh Stancill has practiced obstetrics and gynecology in Laurel since July 5, 1977 when he established the OB-GYN Group of Laurel.  Incidentally, Dr. Dorothy Stancill began practicing dentistry on July 5, 2017, on the 40th anniversary of her father’s first day of practice.

Her late grandfather, Dr. Jeff Holder, was an Orthopedic Surgeon who established the Laurel Bone and Joint Clinic.  He was influential in Dorothy’s pursuit of a career in dental medicine.

Dr. Dorothy Stancill obtained a Masters of Biological Science from Mississippi College in 2011 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Methodist University in Art History.

“I am looking forward to practicing dentistry in Laurel,” stated Dr. Stancill, “Laurel is a very special place and it is good to be back home.”

Besides dentistry, Dr. Dorothy Stancill enjoys traveling, racket sports, golf, reading, Christian missions, visiting museums and art.